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We the team at KIDS CARE REHAB CENTER & WOMEN PHYSIO CARE,Chennai,India is committed to serve children and adults who face challenges in Physical abilities /Orthopedic/neurological problems. We specialize in Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy for the new born, Children and Adults. We have a team of Trained Physiotherapists who are well experienced in different areas. Based on the nature of treatment required, we provide our services, which include home visits also by Trained Specialists.

Our Services:
Children: Every child is special and unique to us. Our treatment is in line with the learning and Development of the child to enable him/her achieves his/her maximum potential to function independently with confidence.
We have treatment plans designed specifically to meet individual needs. Our main focus is on: 
v  Cerebral palsy
v  Development Delay
v  Down syndrome
v  Spinal Bifida
v  Muscular Dystrophy
v  Sensory Integration Dysfunction
v  Balance disorder
v  Torticollis
v  Scoliosis
v  Brachial plexus injury
v  Orthopedics and Neurologic conditions
v  Autism
Therapies for Children:
Physiotherapy Exercises
Neuro-Developmental Therapy
Sensory Integration Therapy
Referrals may be made from any source including Physicians, Educators and Parents.

Women Physio Care is specialized in Physiotherapy for Adults. Our Goal is to provide optimal rehabilitation for women in our community.

Treatment is given for the following conditions by qualified and experienced physiotherapist:

*      Cervical Spondylosis (Neck Pain)
*       Lumbar Spondylosis (Back Pain)
*      Osteo Arthritis (Knee Pain)
*       Tennis Elbow (Elbow Pain)
*       Adhesive Capsulitis (Shoulder Pain)
*       Calcaneal spur / Plantar Fascitis (Heel Pain)
*      Rheumatoid Arthritis
*      Pelvic floor dysfunction (Pelvic Pain)
*       Weight Reduction
*       Antenatal and Post Natal Exercise Program
*       Other Orthopedic & Neurological conditions

1)       IFT (interferential therapy)
2)       IPT(intermittent pelvic traction)
3)       ICT(intermittent cervical traction)
4)       SWD(short wave diathermy)
5)       US(ultrasound therapy)
6)       ES (electrical stimulation)
7)       Pulley and Shoulder wheel
8)       Theraband 

·         Our facilities are well equipped and are an enabler in the learning Process for patients. 
·         The facility is well spaced and this ensures a peaceful atmosphere for both Children and Women as any Rehabilitation requires extreme care.
·         House visits are also undertaken.

Address :
Kids Care Rehab Center & Women Physio Care.
New No. 52/2, Old No. 97, Gowdia Mutt Road,
Royapettah, Chennai - 600 014.

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